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1Will my insurance pay for this treatment?
Unfortunately, private and government-sponsored insurance plans consider this treatment off-label and as such, are not currently covering costs associated with the administration of (NAD+) and Ketamine infusions for major depression and drug and/or alcohol addiction. We currently only accept cash or credit cards.
2Isn't ketamine an addictive party drug?
Ketamine developed a reputation as a drug of abuse and is also known as Vitamin K, Special K, Kit Kat or an animal tranquilizer. Addiction has not been described when following the low-dose infusion treatment schedule Klarity uses. Ketamine has been used extensively in the hospital setting as an anesthetic agent since being FDA-approved in the mid-1960’s and has a proven track record of safety and good patient tolerance.
3 Will ketamine get FDA approval for treatment of depression and drug and alcohol addiction?
There is a movement to push the FDA for approval for the treatment of depression. However, without adequate backing, it will be difficult to finance the trials and bureaucratic navigation required to gain FDA approval for treatment of depression and chronic pain. Alternative formulations such as nasal sprays or sublingual tabs have been developed but are far more costly and lack the effectiveness of low-dose ketamine infusion therapy. There are also past and ongoing studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of ketamine for drug and alcohol addiction. To our knowledge, there is no current push for FDA approval for ketamine for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction.
4Will ketamine interact with my current medications?
Chronic use of benzodiazepines (e.g. Ativan and Xanax) and Lamictal (Lamotrigine) may render ketamine therapy less effective, and we may recommend those medications be stopped or dosages significantly reduced at least 5-14 days before treatment. Patients on MAOi’s should not take ketamine. Consult with your prescribing doctor prior to stopping any medication.
5Why choose anesthesiologists versus other specialties?
As anesthesiologists, we are intimately familiar with the usage of ketamine in the operating room environment. We are more comfortable using ketamine at the higher doses that help us achieve our exceptional success rates. Anesthesiologists are also trained in the handling and treatment of potential emergent situations in the unlikely event that they occur.
6Will there be any long term side effects from ketamine infusion therapy?
The occasional side effects that we see from low dose ketamine treatments usually resolve shortly after treatment. We may use supplemental medications to treat nausea, anxiety, hallucinations, and/or blood pressure changes.
7How will I feel during my treatment?
During the infusion, some patients report changes in their vision, speech, and thought processes. They often describe feelings of dissociation from their body. It can feel like a sedated or dreamlike state. If unpleasant hallucinations or other sensations occur, we may decrease the infusion rate and/or administer medications to minimize these experiences.
8How will I feel after my treatment?
Patients usually recover from the effects of the infusion within 20-30 minutes. There may be residual cloudiness and mild difficulty walking for a few hours. You may also feel fatigued for the remainder of the day. We recommend the patient have a low impact and relaxing remainder of their day following the infusion.
9What is Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS)?
PAWS is a persistent set of symptoms that occur after withdrawal from drugs and alcohol. Symptoms include depression, anxiety, impaired cognition, irritability, sleep disturbances, psycho-social dysfunction and cravings. PAWS can appear weeks to years after detoxification / withdrawal. It is often a contributing factor to drug and alcohol relapse.
10How soon will I see improvement in my urge to use drugs and/or alcohol?
Many patients have their urges to use drugs and alcohol significantly reduced after one treatment. However, it may take up to three infusions to experience results.
11How long will my relief from addictive urges to use drugs and/or alcohol last?
Everyone experiences different durations of relief from the craving. However, many have markedly diminished urges to use drugs and/or alcohol for many weeks to months. Some studies observed that several patients experienced no relapses for over one year.
12How is it possible that NAD+ is effective in treating all these conditions? It sounds too good to be true!
It’s true that NAD+ seems to be a “Magic Bullet”. While it is not a cure-all, NAD+ is coenzyme essential for the proper functioning of numerous cellular functions. We are certain that it participates in processes in the body that we have not even discovered yet. NAD+ is essential in cellular energy production, DNA repair, reducing inflammation and reduction of oxidative stress.
13What is the difference between BR+NAD and other NAD formulations?
Be careful of other products marketing themselves as NAD. NAD+, NADH and NR (Nicotinamide Riboside) are not the same. Although NAD+ plays a role in the same pathway as NADH and NR, there are certain NAD+ consuming reactions where only NAD+ can be utilized. In these reactions, NADH and NR are not effective. While NADH and NR are less expensive than NAD+, the positive effects are not nearly as potent as NAD+. BR+NAD and our REAL NAD+ tablets are the purest forms of NAD+ available.
14What are your success rates?
More than 82 percent of our patients who complete the series of six treatments have a significant to near total relief of systems. Success is defined as a reduction in depression scores and / or perceived reduction of symptoms. Our success rates for Drug & Alcohol addiction are even higher.
15Why are your exclusion guidelines so stringent? Why can't you just treat me?
Your safety and treatment success is of utmost importance to Klarity Life. We want to ensure that you are the right candidate for ketamine and NAD+ therapy with ongoing mental health support. This ensures that we can optimize our chances of success in treating your conditions. To accept every patient requesting treatment if we deem them to have a low probability of success would be unethical.
16What if my doctor has never heard of this treatment before or is skeptical in my desire to receive ketamine and NAD+ infusions?
Feel free to share the links and information provided on our website to others for education on this groundbreaking treatment option. We would be happy to speak to them also. Prior to treatment, we will discuss with them our participation in your care and ensure that your diagnosis will receive the appropriate course of treatment.
17What is your Privacy Policy?
All online forms are submitted, collected and stored on a secure server. We utilize your information in order to personalize your experience. We do not release or sell any information to outside parties without your personal consent. Trusted third party vendors who service our website or assist us with conducting daily business activities operate under an agreement to keep your information strictly confidential.
18What is your credit card on file policy?
We require you to have a credit card on file. You will only be charged if you cancel with less than 24-hour notice or if you do not show for your appointment. This will incur a $100 fee to be charged to your credit card.